StartUP Support

At Catandra we support young businesses who are looking at taking on their first employees and trying to define their company structure. We will provide some support and resources free of charge, these include:

  • Assisting with the recruitment of talent through the early phases of growth;
  • Providing free resources and a job board designed to meet the specific needs of startUPs;
  • Complementing this free support, Catandra offers the opportunity to connect with seasoned professionals who can provide mentoring or consultancy for agreed fees without the need for agency involvement.

This approach gives our clients certainty on cost and peace of mind that they are getting the best return on investment for their business.

We have built a dedicated website that has a number of resources for StartUP businesses and they are all free, they can be found here.

StartUP Support

Get in touch for a confidential discussion about your early stage business.