Catandra Recruitment

The Process

First Conversation

It is generally accepted that first impressions are made within 7 seconds of a phone call; at this point you generally know whether you can work with someone or not.


Free Consultation

Meet with you for an hour to understand how Catandra could support your business.


Role Profile

Understand and define your recruitment requirements.


Long List

Create a long list of 100+ candidates to review with you.

Candidate Engagement

We contact and engage the long list to explore potential fit and career/personal motivations.

Initial Meetings

Following phone screenings we meet the stand out candidates face to face.

Short List

The short list is presented and each candidate introduced.


Interviews are organised with your team and with an interview document provided for each candidate.

Follow Up Support

On-boarding and ongoing support is provided to ensure that clients and candidates are working well together.


No Obligation Phone Call

Like you we don’t want to be signed up for mailing lists just to speak to someone; as such Catandra Recruitment starts the process with a no obligation phone call.

Don’t want us to know your Number Yet?

Simply add 141 before calling 01273 483 438 and you can talk to us with complete confidence knowing that we can’t call you back if things don’t work out on the first call.

Request a Callback