Like many I have thousands of “contacts” on LinkedIn and as with the majority I have very little if any engagement with 95% of these professionals.

This was highlighted whilst starting up my new business; deciding on my strategy I quickly realised that I am already connected the experts and decision makers in the sector I choose to operate in. However, I have never spoken to the majority of the very people I am trying to build professional relationships with.

There are many debates surrounding the relevant use that LinkedIn has and what you achieve by networking through it. For me one of the most interesting aspects are the articles and expert opinion that is shared by the business community (although increasingly fragmented by irrelevant ‘are you smart enough to solve this’ posts). It can provide a rich source of information and debate when used well, yet being a public forum many users do not engage with their true views and opinions.

My New Year’s resolution (and coincidentally part of my business strategy….) is to actively engage with the professionals I have connections with to learn from them and share my knowledge of the sector. Through actively engaging with decision makers and business leaders I have developed a deep understanding of the market in which I recruit; whilst I have never worked for a 3PL directly I know 100 people who do and as such appreciate the challenges that each faces.

If I contact you in the New Year it will not be to sell a quick recruitment solution but rather to understand you, your business and how you are adapting to the challenges the industry faces as a whole. Then in the future if we do work together you can be sure that I have a working knowledge of your requirements as an individual and a company.

I am currently helping a friend with research for his MBA group; the subject of focus is the challenge of omni-channel fulfilment and impact that has across business strategy and operation. An area I already know a lot about and one that I am happy to become somewhat of an expert in. My current opinion is that too many retailers try to provide fulfilment across multiple channels because that is what consumers expect, without having the operational capability to do so; often to the detriment of the product proposition and core business.

I would be interested to hear you views……


Occasionally management teams want an expert, objective opinion.


Businesses require the best talent in the long run but often interim support is invaluable.


Active networking is a great opportunity to share ideas and best practice.

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