Working With You?


Actively engaging with senior professionals is at the heart of what we do; we approach and engage with potential candidates whilst undertaking an assignment and in our day to day activity.

Understanding you and what drives you ensures that when we can contact you for roles they will be of interest.

If you are considering your next move or would like a confidential consultation then please contact us directly. Senior positions take time to secure and as such planning 12-18 months ahead allows you to map your career path and take appropriate action to reach your goals.

Should you be looking for CV advice of general career options then please contact us directly on 01273 483 438 for a confidential discussion.

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Do you Stand Out?

Looking for CV Advice?

If you are writing your CV for the first time in a few years or would like some advice them click below for a free resource and CV template.

How do you Perform?

Looking for Interview Advice?

Even the most experienced professionals can stumble at interviews, we provide some no nonsense advice for you.