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"I want to build a more enjoyable, profitable and valuable business"

Transformation through people – define, engage, deliver

Catandra are engaged by restless business leaders who want to develop capability across their company to deliver sustainable growth.

Based in East Sussex we are business consultants and coaches who help you define and achieve your vision. Clients are looking to create a people focused strategy that generates sustainable growth, we support you in developing and delivering this vision. For most business owners and directors this means:

  • A more profitable business;
  • A more valuable business;
  • A more enjoyable business.

Keeping it simple

You want to identify and achieve your goals; Catandra consultants and coaches use unique growth management systems to achieve this.

Delivering leadership vision

Understanding where your business is today and where you are trying to get to, we map the journey with you to achieve your vision.

Listening to your business.

Working closely with your team to shape and develop your business, positioning it for growth.

Understanding people.

Engage your team by sharing your vision which drives a better culture delivering enhanced productivity and profitability.

Experienced with what we do.

You want to work with a specialist, Catandra consultants and coaches have worked with multinationals and SMEs; our unique process is designed around you to consistently delivers excellent results.