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Interim Recruitment – Logistics & Supply Chain

During this period of economic uncertainty more businesses are turning to interim support, why is this?

  • Interims provide a flexible experienced resource;
  • Avoid the risk of long term commitment;
  • Immediately available expertise to support your business and operation;
  • Support through peak trading as volumes increase;
  • Defined project delivery.

Which Interims?

Catandra provides interim support and recruitment for senior management to directors across multiple job functions within retail, logistics & supply chain, including:

  • Interim Board Directors
  • Interim Senior Management and Directors
  • Interim Programme/Project Managers
  • Interim Warehouse and Transport Management

Who are the Interims?

Professional Interims – Build a career from taking on assignments and are experienced in delivering defined projects and providing support to business operations.
Job Seekers – Professionals between roles who will take short term assignments whilst looking for a permanent role, they do not have the same experience as interims but can be a valuable asset to your business in the right roles.

How does Engaging an Interim Work?

Interims can be engaged on a rolling basis providing absolute flexibility or for a fixed amount of time (fixed term contract), the more flexible the option you take the less risk you are exposed to but the more you can expect to pay.

How do Interims Charge?

Professional interims will have a registered limited company enabling them to invoice your business directly which keeps everything very simple. Those without a limited business can invoice through an umbrella company that organises their tax, NI and expenses for a fee.

What Fees are Involved?

When working with interims we charge a percentage of the agreed daily rate, this ensures absolute transparency and means we are not subtracting from what the professionals are earning. If you are taking someone on a fixed term contract (FTC) then there will be a one of fee that covers the duration of the assignment.

Contact us immediately to discuss how hiring a logistics interim can help your business today on 0800 0588 385 or


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