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Non Executive Directors are able to leverage their vast experience and knowledge within specific sectors to assist growing and established businesses. Non-Executives will generally sit on the board with the executive team that may include the CEO, CFO and COO. Whilst businesses employ Non-Executive Directors for a range of reasons there are some general responsibilities:

  • Lead the business to adapt to challenges and changes as markets evolve;
  • Ensure adequate succession planning is in place;
  • ‘Manage’ the management team to meet KPIs;
  • Ensure regulation and governance across the business;
  • Help with stakeholder management and sharing of information.

The time that Non-Executive directors are expected to give varies between companies but is generally 1-4 days per month, the actual responsibilities and remuneration will be dependent on the business involved and their requirements.

If you are considering the appointment of a Non-Executive Director we can advise on the potential benefits and will manage the search process with you.

As a experienced professional you may be looking for a non-executive appointment; we work pro-actively to introduce you to clients looking to strengthen their senior team.

Please contact us for more information.

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