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With our expertise we offer more than executive recruitment and have developed a unique consultancy offering; whether you are looking at your organisational design and strategy, or driving cost reductions through operational efficiency gains.

Operational Efficiency

Catandra has an exclusive partnership with a niche technology, coupled with a team of specialist consultants we will increase your operational efficiency and drive profit margins. Working with our specialist logistics efficiency consultants we will analyse your operations and execute a strategy that will improve you operational efficiency and productivity.

What is the Technology
A cloud based efficiency consultant management tool designed specifically for monitoring performance within logistics and supply chain operations.

How does the Technology Work
Built on a global platform it provides employee efficiency management with the ability to measure and report the performance of individuals, teams, sites and regions vs. a predefined standard for performing each defined element of work.

The implementation requires some industrial engineering and process mapping that our consultants will undertake should your business not have the internal capability, the system can then be deployed with no IT integration with data imported manually.

One Platform Total Visibility
The tool is a multi-lingual cloud proposition that has global reach. It is accessible on mobile, tablet and desk top devices needing only a browser to access. The system works on a local level and provides a global information dashboard to manage multiple sites or business units; thus creating a global control tower.

What are the Benefits

  • Transparent cost reduction
  • Real time efficiency improvements
  • Business intelligence information
  • Employee engagement and motivation
  • Cloud based allowing for multi-location and multi-device access

This is a unique offering and we would welcome an initial consultation to explore the potential benefits to your business, contact Andy Wheeler directly on 07811 896 428 or for more information and to organise a demonstration.

Organisation Structure and Strategy

Does your strategy best service your customers?
Is your senior team leading your market?
How are you embracing technology?
Do you react to market forces or are you generating change?

These are just some of the questions we look at when analysing your organisational structure; the number of acquisitions and mergers in recent years has created legacy structural challenges across multiple markets.

With access to a team of consultants who have a variety of specialist skill sets we can help you through a multitude of business challenges:

  • Creating an effective operational structure
  • Spec, design and build of distribution networks
  • IT system upgrades
  • HR and staff engagement
  • Procuring commercial property
  • Tender and bid negotiation

Business face a variety of challenges and many do not warrant full time expertise but instead require short term assistance to overcome. Rather than engaging a management consultant with overheads and limited skill sets we provide a flexible management consultancy solution and can be tailored to your unique requirements.


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