Deciphering Recruitment on LinkedIn

Mention Linkedin and recruitment in the same sentence and you are likely to find yourself embroiled in a war of words. Everyone has their own views I just want to share a recent experience of using a paid job advert on Linkedin and the impact that had on my assignment so that jobseekers can hopefully understand how the system works. To be clear I don’t use a premium account and don’t use recruiter; this job was run from a standard account utilising a paid job advert and the tools that come with it.

What was the Role: A board director position for a global business requiring a very niche skill set.

The Advert: Very carefully written and worded to include all of the systems, background and sector experience required by my client.

The Reach: Over 2,000 people viewed the actual role profile with many more being reached through shares and general awareness.

The Applicants: Over 250 people applied directly through the job advert, of these only 3 people actually matched the role profile. In all honesty the other 247 were not close to being a fit; very credible on their own merit but simply not suitable for this role.

The Linkedin Process: There is no feedback option when running a job advert on Linkedin in this fashion, after screening candidates I was required to manually email each one individually with feedback. This was not a waste of time because it struck up conversations with a number of interesting professionals.

My Process: I went down a successful headhunting route utilising a range of methods; in the end the short list comprised of professionals I researched and approached.

Why am I Taking the Time to Write this? The one button application systems adopted by most digital job boards make it very easy for people to apply to multiple roles quickly. I received feedback such as “sorry I should have read the job spec”, people are tending to apply off a job title and location rather than taking the time to understand the role and business.

What Should you do as a Job Seeker? Take the time to understand the role and business, if you feel there is a good fit call the recruiter/business directly for a conversation and raise your profile. Job hunting is one of the most frustrating things in life but if you approach it in a considered manner, reach for feedback and only apply for genuinely suitable roles you are more likely to achieve success. Think of it around the 80:20 principle if you will; volume applications for roles that are a 60% fit will not yield results.

Further Advice: I’m not going to give away all my secrets but suffice to say Linkedin is a powerful tool for headhunters and recruiters; here are a few of tips:

  • If you are open to conversations keep you profile updated and relevant, the more skills and experience you include the more likely you are to get picked up on the search radar;
  • Engage with the platform to raise your profile;
  • Actively manage your relationships and contacts;
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to your network;
  • Definitely don’t comment “please see my profile” when you see people advertising roles.

Would I Use Linkedin Job Adverts Again? Probably, they are a great way to raise the profile of my independent business and the word of mouth it creates bought some direct approaches by some very interesting candidates who do not hit the apply button.

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Active networking is a great opportunity to share ideas and best practice.

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