BREXIT – Time for Action

It is nearly 2 years since the BREXIT vote took place and to my knowledge in this time nothing has actually happened.

I speak with and engage business leaders on a daily basis and from what I can gather no one is any the wiser as to what the impact is actually going to be and more importantly what the Government are doing. Most days we hear inconclusive reports suggesting that something might impact something else with no actual facts or genuine steps forwards.

If this was a business the board would have been ousted long ago with shareholders expecting action and updates in a timely fashion. Regardless of which way you voted I would defy you not to be dismayed with the absolute lack of progress.

As we know business does not like uncertainty, since the vote was taken we have lost some very high profile and familiar high street names; I’m not suggesting as a direct result but when you consider the impact of exchange rates and consumer confidence you would be naïve to claim there can be no correlation.

I have a very disparaging view of UK politics which in my limited view does not lead to enough action with parties and individuals more concerned about getting one over on each other. Call me disillusioned because I probably am, unfortunately so are the majority of my generation.

Clearly nothing is going to move forwards in a hurry and there is no end in site for the political system, perhaps then it is time to take matters into our own hands. Where uncertainty exists so does opportunity, I for one continue to evolve my business and skills in an effort to provide a more extensive service.

As a business of any size there are steps you can take to mitigate risk, seize opportunity and move forwards; if you are sitting back waiting for the outcome I would suggest you may not be here to see it when it comes.

Please contradict me and highlight any affirmative action because this all sounds a bit negative.


Occasionally management teams want an expert, objective opinion.


Businesses require the best talent in the long run but often interim support is invaluable.


Active networking is a great opportunity to share ideas and best practice.

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