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First things first; CVs are a hugely subjective document and everyone has their personal views on layout and style. However, there are some basics that will help you portray yourself in the best possible light.

Keep it simple, clever formatting may look good on your version of Word but translate that to a Mac via a recruiter and and personal assistant and your neatly arranged frames may now resemble a badly played game of Tetris.

Consider you Audience:
We are not talking about tailoring your CV to every job you apply for but rather consider the individual reviewing the document which may be 1 of 100 and is always pushed for time. Your CV needs to stand out and as such it should be clear, concise and snappy.

Pictures speak louder than words, numbers jump off the page; consider “£100m budget responsibility” or “managed large budgets”. Getting some impressive looking metrics into your CV will help it jump out and draw the reader in.

Keep it Relevant:
What experiences and achievements do you have that are relevant to your future career and will impress the reader? Do not include text for the sake of it, short and punchy will stand you above someone who has written a 5 page essay.

Responsibilities and Achievements:
Separating these out enables you to highlight not only what you have done but how well you have done it; this also helps to act as a reminder at interview. Rather than trying to think about achievements when on the spot you can draw them from your CV and elaborate.

Consult your Peers:
You have reached the stage of your career where you are managing people and are well networked with senior professionals, show them your CV and ask them for advice. These are people who recruit and will have seen hundreds of such documents, their feedback will provide you most important and honest CV advice.

A prospective employer should get excited when they read your CV and want to meet you, there is plenty of CV advice out there but the above basic tips should help you stand out. There is a simple template CV here that lays out a simple and effective format.

CV Advice

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