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Welcome to Catandra

Retail, Logistics & Supply Chain Executive Search and Consultancy

  • Working with trusted partners;
  • Focus on building long term business relationships;
  • Quality of work and discretion is essential in providing high levels of service;
  • Engagement is key.

Market Sectors

  • Experienced professionals can add value across multiple sectors;
  • Adding value as a headhunter means working across multiple disciplines to fully understand the market;
  • Providing a full service means taking on permanent and interim assignments.


  • Retained search yields the best results and highest rates of engagement;
  • Headhunters should challenge and not be ‘yes men’;
  • Clients sometimes need help but won’t ask for it.


  • Share the same ethos;
  • Choose to partner a boutique business with shared values
  • Always approachable.

If you want to learn more about a business that shares your values call now on 0800 0588 358 or email info@catandra.co.uk for more information and to set up a confidential conversation.


Specialists in the recruitment of senior roles including:

  • Non-Executive Directors
  • Operations Director
  • Supply Chain Director
  • Logistics Director
  • Retail Director
  • IT Director
  • Senior Management Teams


Occasionally management teams want an expert, objective opinion.

Executive Search

Businesses require the best talent in the long run but often interim support is invaluable.


Active networking is a great opportunity to share ideas and best practice.

News & Views

Professionals take pride in knowing the latest news and trends.

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